Monday, April 2, 2012

Tragedy of ‘Father of God’

 “Stand erect…why are you bending?”

Said I to a young boy who came to me for consultation.

“Why should I stoop? I am ‘Father of God’! But when my son starts troubling me“

“Ignore his gestures doctor,” interrupted his father, and said “I hope you are not offended!”

“No, no go ahead” I said.

“He is a loquacious, mischievous boy! His name is John. Hence with a gesture and pride, he proclaims himself to be a ‘Father of God’!! For the last three, four days, he has pain in the stomach and fever” his father started narrating.

“Is the pain continuous or comes in throes?,” I interrupted and asked.

“It is more or less continuous, but sometimes very severe, and----”

“Does he vomit?” I interrupted and asked.

“Only twice he vomited”

“Is he constipated?”


“Did you give him purgatives, or massage his tummy?”

“No, no--- we gave a doctor’s medicines but in vain. Our doctor suggested your name for consultation. So here we are!”

I examined John and said, “John has a bad attack of appendicitis he requires an urgent operation”

“Well! What is required to be done should be done! We will be guided by your advice!” said John’s father.

I performed the operation. He had appendicular abscess. I could remove the appendix and drain the abscess. He had peritonitis. He was toxic. His post-operative care including selection of antibiotics and administration of intravenous fluids, administering of pain killer drugs, etc. was managed by a well known pediatrician and friend of mine, Dr. Jayant Karve. He took time to settle and recover. Thereafter, his progress was very good. He came to me for follow up for three months. He picked up good health.

Years later, one day early morning, my door-bell rang. My wife opened the door. John’s family was at the door. They introduced themselves. My wife let them in. His father and mother had brought him to me. They had traveled more or less forty kilometers to reach my house. 

“Did you recognize us doctor?” asked his father.

“Yes! Certainly yes!” I replied in a lean voice.

Seeing me on death bed, his parents could not contain their sentiments. They burst out in tears.

His father screamed, “Nnn nooo  doctor- nnnooo you savior of many patients, you can’t die!”

------ and there was a sudden restless hush in the room!!! 

After a while his father prayed aloud, “Jesus! Save our doctor. He can’t die”

To lighten the mood I said, “Why is John bending again?”

“Again he has developed stomach-pain!” Replied his father.

“He is developing intestinal obstruction! Take him to a hospital specialized for pediatric surgery as early as possible.”

“Please examine him doctor,” Requested his father.  

“Unfortunately I am unable to help you this time!” earnestly I was telling them.

“At least touch him once, even your touch can save him doctor!” ardently requested his father. I examined him perfunctorily and said, “Please take him to a specialty hospital.”

They went away.

I did worry about John’s condition for many days to come. However with lapse of time, the incident was forgotten.

I recovered from a life threatening illness and restarted my practice. One evening, unexpectedly this family came to my consulting room.

“Good evening. Come----come----come,” I greeted them. 

The absence of ‘Father of God’ was conspicuous.

“How is ‘Father of God’? Where is he?” I asked yearningly.

“He is in Heaven!” replied his father.

“Well! Gods revel in Heaven only” Said I in a lighter vein.

Suddenly there was a hush. There was a restless calm. The eyes of all the members of the family were brimming with tears. 

father broke the silence and said, “Nnnnoooo doctor, he is no more”

I recollected the incident long forgotten. I asked a bit annoyed, “Did you not take him to a specialty hospital?”

“We did! We followed your advice. The doctors gave him good treatment. The trouble was over. He had recovered very well.”

His father started narrating ----“We are grateful to you for saving his life again. We will never ever forget your obligations. We always remember you, more so when in need”

“I always help everyone if and when I can.”

“Indeed! You certainly do”

“You were telling about John,” I asked very anxiously.

“One evening, he went with his friend to a remote place for flying kites. Suddenly three, four adversaries of his friend arrived there, stabbed his friend repeatedly, cut his throat and slew the friend. Those boys bogged his slain friend in the quagmire in the vicinity. Perplexed, confused, John was dumbfounded. Because of fear, he could not shout for help. He was eye witness to the incident. Hence the boys threw John also in the quagmire. John was devoured alive by the mire!!!!!!

“We lodged police complaints in various police stations; we requested the fire brigade to assist us in his search, but in vain.

“The agitated, restless soul of ‘Father of God’ is crying for help. I can clearly read the SOS message on the ripples of the bog generated by the mute sentiments of the agitating soul of John ‘Father of God’ is gone for good, never ever to meet us--never to meet again----”

I sat mute in my chair in the consulting room. I could not contain my sentiments. I wiped my eyes and asked, “Did the story appear in the news paper? I think I read this!”

“It did,” Replied his mother” You don’t know doctor, how much sorrow and misery we are enduring in our life!” She was wiping her eyes. Pointing to a girl sitting beside her she said,” She is our daughter. Against all odds we are determined to make her a good, great doctor like you.”

“Great” I interrupted “Good? Yes! Noble? Certainly yes!”

“We have brought her to your feet. Please bless her”

Her daughter bowed to my feet.

“Your daughter is my daughter! I promise you, I shall teach her. She shall become a good, noble, great doctor. A thought crossed my mind, why me alone, the whole world shall sing a Song of Beauty
She is a lotus in mire,
A rose amid thorns,
A cactus in a desert,
A creation in derision,
A song of beauty
Born in adversity!!

A True Story in Real Life!!
A Drama in My Life!!

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